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    Who We Are

    At Concrete Contractors of Portland, we believe in the consumer. We’ll work with you to find the best materials and design for your project with our help and experience. You have complete control over every step of the process because we want you to be satisfied with the services and products you pay for and receive.

    Not only do we have the best knowledge of the concrete industry, but we also keep up with any innovations or developments that may benefit our customers. We want you to have the best products when you contact us because we want to ensure that our expertise is something you can rely on.

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    Best Materials - Guaranteed

    Concrete Contractors of Portland knows concrete, and we guarantee you’ll get the best, most durable concrete when you order from us. We have the best designs, colors, and foundations, so you can be confident that our one-stop-shop will meet all of your concrete pouring needs.

    Because we are a family-owned and operated business, we can provide you with the most expedient service for all of your Portland cement manufacturing and concrete supply requirements. Our expert technicians only use ASTM-approved products and incorporate SEMA-approved mixes.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Customer loyalty has been a primary pillar of Concrete Contractors of Portland for decades, and it remains the core concept on which we base all customer experiences today.

    We enjoy meeting face-to-face with our customers because we genuinely care about their relationships with our teams.

    You can put your trust in us, knowing that our teams have the skills and expertise to deliver a quality job the first time and every time, saving you the hassle and expense of less experienced teams.

    Concrete Contractors of Portland has established itself as an industry leader in delivering high-performance, ready-mixed concrete with excellent customer service at a reasonable price.

    Our courteous and professional staff has been trained to make placing your order as simple as possible.

    You can count on efficient scheduling thanks to our professional dispatchers in our state-of-the-art dispatching center. We can take your electronic order data, batch the concrete, and then use GPS navigation and tracking to ensure that our just-in-time deliveries arrive on time to meet your needs for that perfectly mixed solution.

    We are proud of our ability to build and maintain long-term quality relationships with our customers while striving to meet their expectations in every aspect of our business.

    Our team of technicians will collaborate with you to find the best formulations and solutions for your specific needs. This collaborative approach allows us to provide our customers’ best services in Portland and the surrounding areas.

    If you need a reliable source for concrete and cement, our experts will build custom formulations based on your project and if you need any colors or additional stamping.

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