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    Concrete Foundation Repair in Portland

    Your home's foundation is undoubtedly the most critical aspect of it because without a strong foundation, your entire structure will fall. This means that whichever kind of foundational building you choose and how to build it must be taken seriously.

    Concrete Contractors of Portland is a well-known construction company that has been in business for 25 years. They are always looking to provide customers with the best solution, which means they will be sure to minimize settlement concerns and ensure each aspect receives extra attention when building your new home or commercial space.

    We're here to help you find a solution. Expanding on this, we believe that one of the worst things in life is experiencing concrete foundation problems with your home or business structure. It's important for us that our customers are able to get their hands on some concrete at an affordable price no matter what type they select if need be!


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    T-Shaped Foundations

    Foundations can be a difficult task due to the complexity of all the different types and how they work. The type that we found most useful is called T-shaped foundations, because it's shaped like a letter "T". One key thing with this foundation though was making sure you keep your footing below frost line so that when winter comes around, freezing water doesn't seep into cracks in your walls. We've got experts on staff who know what they're doing - just ask them!

    Foundations are important to the stability of any structure. We lay a T-shaped foundation and then build up from there with walls for added support.

    Concrete foundations are constructed by pouring the concrete slab in between the walls. For additional information on T-shaped concrete foundations or retaining wall construction, please contact us.

    The foundation of your future home will be a simple slab-on-grade. This type of base is usually used in areas that are prone to freezing during the winter and would not provide enough insulation for other types of construction.

    This concrete slab is typically several inches thick and has reinforcing rods at the edges to strengthen it.

    We're always committed to making sure your home is the best it can be, and that includes our preparation for pouring.


    The frost-protected foundation is a building's last line of defense, protecting it from the dangerous freeze and thaw cycles that would otherwise damage or destroy their footing.

    We use two firm polystyrene sheets as foundation insulation in this type of structure. One sheet is added at the base before pouring, while another will be placed on outside. We recommend using a three-inch thick layer for best results and they are both waterproof which means no worries about dampness or damage!

    Ground ice can be detrimental as there are few things worse than trying to remove snow from your roof only for someone else's shovel blade to break off in yours! The slab-on grade prevents this by using concrete instead of soil which keeps moisture out; therefore when cold weather rolls around, you're safe from flooding as well because dirty rainwater won't get into your basement.

    Foundation Durability

    We make sure to provide the best service with state-of-the art equipment.

    We have everything you need for your project from beginning to end, including concrete foundation pouring or concrete driveway install or repair.

    The foundations of any building or structure can seem unimportant at first but they have many functions in addition to their structural role. A good foundation provides stability for both the ground below as well as what's built on top while also providing support across different types of terrain and weather conditions, which means every stage has been planned out by experts from start-to-finish before work starts so there won't be any surprises when all these factors come into play during construction.

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